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A sense of meaningless in the workplace is one of the most significant contributors to decrease productivity, engagement and performance. Yet, sadly, leaders tend to overlook this. 

Help your people find intention in their lives, as it is the most powerful motivational force you will be gifted with. Unless you learn how to play this game, your team could succumb to boredom, cynicism, feelings of emptiness and lack of direction.

Here are a few tools to help create a healthier and merrier experience for everyone in the office.

candidate diagnostics.png

candidate x-ray

profilling, interests, talents: vocacional identity


clinical observation

we help you screen the right people in loco


admission onboard

a transforming onboarding plan for each newcomer

team scan.png

team scan

we run thought them all and generate change

icons for play with us.png

leadership facelift

soft skills aren't soft at all: learn new human skills

candidate auscultation.png

reality check-up

people are unhappy for a reason, we help you find it

icons for play with us.png

smooth discharge

create an empathetic outboarding experience

entrepreneur trampolin (5).png

and more


Our frameworks combine principles of psychology, coacing and career advisory.

need a tailored solution?

Bad news: leaders are people, and people are flawed.
It's only natural that you're no longer driven by love, enthusiasm or passion. Since you barely have time to rest, you can't possibly be at your best. Lately, you aren't sure how to connect with people, so you end up with loose ends and sore business.


Do you have a problem that's so specific it doesn't fit in one of our programs?

How about we help you build more emotionally intelligent relationships, learn how to handle (and deliver) awful news, and mould the superpowers of empathy? 

We heard you. You'll hear from us soon.

+351 939 411 812 (PT)

+1 403 397 3171 (CA)

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