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A collection of humans, organisations and projects that have continuously earned our undivided trust and admiration. They inspire us on our mission to help companies and people think better.

a our frameworks integrate principles of psychology, coaching and business.

It's hard to conjure up the abundance of extraordinary content these folks produce at The School of Life. This is an elite portfolio of humans basing their ethos on topics like psychology, everyday philosophy, the emotional side of architecture and urbanism, the idiosincrasies of the office and much more. It's the most complete emotional library available for non-scientists.
WePresent started of as WeTransfer: a tool to move ideas (files) between humans. Soon their creative minds explored new worlds and today they showcase insanely creative propects. Their sub section "manifesto" is especially juicy, a place to pass on the words of limunous humans, which covers their unexpected stories and shares their struggles. It's literally the head space of unparallelled minds. On their radar, they screen art, photography, music and design, always keeping it grounded to the human side of creation.
We're addicted to Esther, and the way she enjoys explaining the mysteries of the human condition in simple words. Listening to her is delightful and reading her is intoxicating, with a unique style that blends warmth, cheerfulness and sharpness. Her approach always combines science, real-life examples and practical exercises, you'll get hooked in a blink! We suggest you start your affair here, and then escalate to her ted talk, books (here and here) and eventually anything you can get your hands on.
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Calm's mission is to help us improve our health and happiness. We've been using the app for many years already, and it has been fascinating to follow this project's growth. We love the Nature scenarios, emotion series and endless creativity to come up with new programs, all topped up with Tamara's gentle voice. Try out their free trial, explores their resources and business solutions, and take a look at their book. (And btw, this is an honest and heartfelt suggestion, Calm did not request for it and we do not get any trade off  ;))
They call themselves a "procrastination website". We're not sure what they are and we really don't care much because, you know... it's genius. You can expect plenty of bittersweet moments - the bitter part is when you realise their articles are humongous. The sweet is for the fun informational overload you'll get! At Wait But Why you'll have a lot of "how the *#%" did this guy think of this", "aaah!", "wow..." moments, and possible some "I just killed my schedule for today" ones too. Just go for it, we promise it won't hurt (though you may get a severe case of procrastination from it, for which we will not take any responsibility - email Tim!).
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Positive emotions facilitate learning by influencing memory retention and recall. The Awkward Yeti project offers an entertaining view on the condition of being human, sharing knowledge on the relation between the thoughts of our mind and the reaction of our body, in a relatable and humorous way. These comics recognise the reciprocal nature of the relationships between biophysical and psychosocial aspects - although it may not be the intention, Nick Seluk certainly gifts us every time that pen starts drawing!
It's no news we're science junkies, after all, it's our academic background and we imprint it in everything we do. We're particularly drawn to neurosciences and understanding how it translates to real life, and on a mission to educate about this. Ness Labs is a platform with accessible language for anyone to explore, nurturing thoughtful conversations for curious minds.

In german, kurz-gesagt means "shortly said", but these geniuses don't only summarize impressive amounts of data into small videos, they do so by creating minimal astonishing visuals, made to share their passion for knowledge. Like us, they favor quality over quantity, always. Their motto is "nothing in the universe is boring if you tell a good story". They cover a fair latitutde of topics via storytelling and information design, animating science, thecnology, politics and psychology.

You can tell it's made with love.

Search Inside Yourself was born at Google in 2007, to help employees develop skills of mindfulness, empathy, compassion, and overall emotional intelligence to create the conditions for individual and collective thriving. We love these examples of warm businesses, and how big corporations are moving the needle! We did their two-day program just before the pandemic and not only brought impactful tools but also nurtured relations for life.
Most of us already heard or read something about self sabotaging, a mechanism to take ourselves back to old (comfortable) patterns and keep ourselves from living up to our full (scary) potential. Positive intelligence is about that, but on steroids. It approaches our thoughts and (re)actions through the lens of multiple Saboteurs and their white knight, the Sage. A a comprehensive approach to wellbeing and mental health that teaches you to overcome your Saboteurs by practicing mental fitness.
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