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messy careers

Quick insight: you don't love Fridays, you hate Mondays. Sundays are the best barometer of happiness. Next Sunday, sit quietly at around dusk and listen to the inescapable noise in your head. What's it telling you about tomorrow? This should give you a sense of how you're experiencing your career. Chances are, there is a reasonable margin for improvement.

Here are a few tools to help you explore your vocational identity and make professional choices aligned with who you are.

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human career design
how to love mondays

How do you feel on a Sunday evening? Discover what we call your vocational identity. We will ask oblique questions that will gently extract your skills, interests, and values, and help you get irreversible clarity about your life.

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killer applications

Have you been applying for 50 jobs but nothing seems to work? (do you really want to work in those 50 places?) Prepare your bullet-proof application with our method. Revamp your CV, master interviews, explore the job market and learn how to navigate the future of work.

navigate relationships

navigate difficult relationships

Are you going mad at work and no one seems to understand you? Newsflash: you don't understand them either... Learn how to identify the needs of the people in the office, their words and actions, and how to better connect and influence them. Bonus: things will improve at home as a consequence.

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personal branding

Are you having a hard time explaining how the dots of your career (and life!) connect? Draw out the genius in you and learn how to tell your story.

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entrepreneur trampolin

Do you want to start your own business, feel like you have a great idea but no clue where to start? Try this dueto: you will work with two humans to evaluate your entrepreneurial potential and then kick-off that project.

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career advisory

You're lost. Simply and utterly lost. There are no words to describe your deepest frustrations and you don't know what to do about it. No one prepared you for this! Don't worry, we got your back with career advisory sessions.

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human quickies

This is our pet project for all of those who feel lost but might not have the possibility of investing in professional support. We hear you, we feel you. 30min free quick sessions are coming...

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and more

If the topic is human, we're restless. We are continuously digging new wells in the realm of emotional intellingence in the workplace. Stay tuned and reach out if you have a good challenge.

We heard you. You'll hear from us soon.

can't find what you're looking for?

Of course not. After all, you're a unique combination of unforeseen events and unexpected misfortunes.


You may have a problem that's so specific it doesn't fit in a program. You want something....different. You've always been different in a way.


Need a little extra sprinkle of sugar or zest of lemon? Worry not. We are experienced in the realm of the new and the unknown. Let's sit together, have an excellent talk, figure out what you need, and then tailor-design your distinctive cocktail.

Plus, we love challenges.

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