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On the other side of the screen, there's a human team. We praise the philosophy of warm businesses. We help companies manage their people and people handle their work lives. 

In most societies, the average human will spend around 80.000 hours working. Sixty per cent of a person's life will be about work. So it has become our obsession to make this poignant slice of our time meaningful. 

We base our approach on two aphorisms: 

- we pay a high price for what we don't know about ourselves

- people are flawed, and companies are collectives of people

The flawed human. project aims to debunk the foggy concept of career and is openly averse to the cold language of standard business.

We have been connecting people and supporting businesses to think and act differently for over 15 years by shifting mindsets and behaviors, fostering good business practices and conscious choices, and advising about messy careers. It started when a medical doctor and a psychologist combined their expertise and passion for people, work and health and created a comprehensive medical-like model to humanize businesses, promote healthier offices and prevent mental illness. All frameworks integrate principles of psychology, coaching, and career advisory.


​Today we bring together a community of human-centered change-makers (psychologists, counsellors, certified coaches, trainers, consultants, and key-note speakers). We know you have a lot on your plate, and we're here to help you unload it.

At human. we study people.​

- x-ray your candidates

- recruit with a clinical eye

- master the admission of new-hires

- discharge painlessly and gently

- scan your team

- rethink your leadership

- run a reality check-up

- design your work-life

- outset your project

- brand yourself

- apply powerfully

- navigate difficult relationships

- learn at your own pace

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